Cannabinoid (CBD) Foundation Online Course


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CBD Foundation Course Certification offers you an advantage in the market, whether you are training new team-members, building credibility for your therapy practice, developing an e-commerce business or seeking a job in the CBD, Cannabis or Vape industries. Graduates that pass The CBD Training Certification Assessment add this milestone to their websites, letterhead, LinkedIn profiles, resumes, advertisements and any correspondence with prospective customers to give you a leg up on your competition.

Learn everything you need to know about CBD and other Cannabinoids, including the medical, science, clinical trials, dosing, methods of administration, bio-availability, terpenes, legal & regulatory of it and so much more.

Your clients want a natural solution to their pain, anxiety, sleep and other conditions.  Learn how to guide them.

What will you learn ?
The CBD Foundation Course
 will begins by introducing you to the cannabis plant, its botany and vast array of varieties of cannabis plants. We will look into history of medical use of this extraordinary plant. Endocannabinoid System is a part of each of our bodies, so we will look into its functions of balancing our health.

You will learn about many products derived from the cannabis plant, in particular, you’ll look at how CBD oil is made and the various ways it can be administered.

When it comes to Cannabis, one of the most-studied areas is its use in a pain relief. Through this course you will assess its analgesic effects, you will walk through the inclusion of cannabinoids in the symptom management of various conditions, including cancer, the digestive and respiratory systems, the immune system, mental health and the endocrine system.

This is powerful course which will methodically take you to really get to know the cannabis plant, its constituents, you will gain confidence to recommend increasingly popular CBD oil and help people to get well and stay well.

This Foundation Course concludes with short Assessment. You need to achieve at least 60% of correct markings. FREE  CBD Therapist Guide e-book will be send to each student after completion of this course.

Printed version, if you wish to have one, of Certificate of Completion will be send via post, which you can frame and display in your practice for £10 including postage. 


Benefits of Certification with our Academy…

Certifications enhance credibility, self-image, and encourages life-long learning and professional development.The CBD Training Academy’s certification benefit employers and individuals by providing for development and recognition for individuals, and by providing a consumer-recognizable qualification upon which customers can base their purchasing decisions. Certification recognizes and documents a person’s education, knowledge, and experience – and provides an objective, third-party assessment of your skills. As an individual, getting certified:

  • Enhances your credibility with employers and customers.
  • Recognizes the additional level of knowledge and skills and prepares you to interact with customers on a more helpful and successful level.
  • Serves as portable proof of ability.
  • Enriches self-image and reputation among peers and customers.
  • Improves career opportunities-promotions and pay increases.
  • Encourages life-long learning and professional development.
  • And most importantly, indicates to the end client that you have the knowledge to be able to help them make succesful buying decisions and as a result improves sales, customer retention and customer satisfaction.



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