Dry Needling 2 Day Foundation Course


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The aim of the course is to produce trained, competent and confident Dry Needling practitioners who adopt a comprehensive treatment approach with a profound awareness of when to apply dry needling, and more importantly when and when not to refer.
You will be introduced to the use of dry needling for the purpose of muscular pain relief and the course consists of a varied blend of lectures, demonstrations, guided practical sessions, and individual interaction with course tutors. There is a substantial amount of practical work focussing on the many aspects of dry needling where you will gain a sound knowledge and hone your skills enabling you to use all the techniques shown within your practice.

Entry Requirements:

Soft Tissue Therapists must be qualified at least with a UK recognised Level 3 qualification and all applicants must have a good working knowledge of surface anatomy, palpation skills, physiology and basic pathology.

The course is open to Sports Therapists, Level 4 Sports Massage Therapists, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Osteomyologists, General Practitioners, and Osteopaths. If you are unsure as to whether you have the necessary entry requirements please check with your insurers.

Please note that we require submission of your (scanned copy) qualifications prior to acceptance to the course.

Course Syllabus:

The course integrates a wide spectrum of dry needling techniques which are each outlined in the manual received on the course. A clear approach is given to the management of a Dry Needling therapy session, professional handling of treatment responses and an overall holistic perception of the patient.

The emphasis of the course is on practical work, with a balance of approximately two thirds practical to one third theoretical. Participants will begin their needling in the relatively safe areas of the body before progressing to more complex areas for treatment. Topics covered include:

  • Clean and safe needling techniques
  • Dangers, contraindications and ethics
  • Reactor types
  • Myofascial Trigger Points
  • Theory supporting Dry Needling
  • Superficial and Deep Dry Needling Techniques

Detailed course notes are provided and visual aids – including PowerPoint slides. Each student will be is supplied with the full Dry needling manual and supply of needles for the course, and encouraged to view online videos.

Course Fees:

The fee is £399 including V.A.T at the current rate.

Please note that we require submission of your (scanned copy) qualifications prior to acceptance to the course so we ask that you do not make any travel or accommodation arrangements until you receive confirmation of your eligibility for the course.

Course Duration:

2 Days


NOTE: During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, all courses are currently being delivered via Skype. The practical elements of the courses will be delivered to clients after social distancing and business lockdown measures have been lifted by the government.

Please contact us before purchase for availability and course dates.

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